Strength lies in differences, not in similarities’

– Stephan Covy 

Personal Identity

Growing up and living in several countries can give you a sense of being a global citizen. At the same time it can be confusing and challenging to understand who you are. What is your sense of belonging. Where do you call home? 

I work as a coach with Global Connection, an organisation that contributes to the well-being and mobility of expat partners and to the success of the posting. Global Connection supports expat partners of 90 nationalities in 140 countries.

I support teenagers and adults to understand their (new) cultural environment – without losing their cultural identity. In (online) sessions we work on where you belong, your identity, strengths and struggles and design what you want out of life.

So where’s home? A film about ‘Third Culture Kids Identity’ by Adrian Bautista.

Team Identity

‘ People want to change everything, yet they want everything to stay the same- Paulo Coelho

Insight into your cultural identity, as an individual and as a team can bring deeper understanding, better communication and overall higher performance. I facilitate workshops for teams to discover their team culture and get the best out of their differences. 

Typically we plan a sequence of sessions with the team. Using a methodology we define the existing team culture and what can strengthen it. Understanding how your team operates within the organisational dynamic gives depth and brings more clarity to the way the team operates and can improve. 

Movie ‘The Culture Map’ Erin Meyer.